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Background of the Valuers Association of Thailand

The Deputy Director General of the Land Department, Mr. Siri Kawalinsarit, attended on behalf of the Interior Ministry at First Asean Valuer Congress in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia in 1985 at which there were five countries of the Asean then.  

At the conference, it was decided to form Asean Valuers Congress.  The Valuers Association of Thailand also was organized to support and coordinate with the Asean Valuers Congress to produce quality resources and development of valuation industry in Thailand.  

The Valuers Association of Thailand was formed with cooperation from the Land Department, other related governmental agencies, financial institutes, professional associations, and educational institutions. The establishment of the Thai Valuers Association was established on 30 January 1986 and registered the association on 30 July 1986 with the main objective to promote personnel to develop the valuation profession with cooperation of the Asean Valuers Associations or other institutions with similar interest both domestic and international. Supporting research and distributing information and organizing educational seminar in valuation of property, providing advices and considering disputes in valuation related issues among members and related agencies, establishing  and enforcing rules, regulations, and etiquette for the valuation profession.  

The association acts independently without any influence from political concerns and focusing on the property valuation profession and fairness to the society. Therefore, the valuation association has objective to be an independent organization to monitor and advise works by valuers’ members to meet international standard and professional etiquette.

Membership and Qualification Qualification requirement: Member qualifications Is a Thai citizen (Except honorary members) and must be mature Never been out of work due to corruption or serious misconduct Never been imprisoned by a final judgment court to imprison except for misdemeanors or an offense committed through negligence or political punishment Must not be an insane person or mindlessness person Must not be a bankrupt person Is a juristic person that has qualifications according to the announcement of the association There are five  categories of membership: Extraordinary members Graduates with equivalent diploma level or higher in the field of real estate orrelated from an educational institution accredited by the association and performing property appraisal for at least one year

A person who has been performed a property appraisal for a minimum three years with an institution is certified by the institution.

Ordinary members include

A person who has graduated with a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in the field of real estate or related and has worked in property valuation profession more than one year.

A person who has graduated with a bachelor’s degree or higher and has been worked in property valuation profession more than two years.

A person who has an extraordinary membership for at least one year and has passed the knowledge test as specified by the association.

Senior members include

A person who has been an ordinary member for at least five years and has performed in property appraisal profession for at least seven consecutive years and has passed the knowledge test as specified by the association

Honorary members include

A distinguished person or special beneficiaries to the Association or to property appraisal profession of which the Executive Committee unanimously resolved to invite as an honorary member.

Associate members are legal entities with minimum qualification as stated by the Association.

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